Artwork by Crista Siglin

Poetic Vision, a three-part series

Poets spend hours scrutinizing words on the page. In April and May 2021, SAND’s three-part virtual event series “Poetic Vision” will turn our gaze outward through a poem’s lens. How do poets view visual art, science, and film? How can we creatively channel other media in a text that speaks for itself?

The series kicks off on 25 April with a live webinar featuring four guest poets with varied vantage points spanning visual art, the sciences, and film, who will each offer a writing prompt related to their discussion. In a guided, collaborative follow-up workshop two weeks later facilitated by our poetry editor Crista Siglin, poets who tried the prompts will share, discuss, and hone their pieces. Finally, everyone is invited to share their resulting poems in a reading on our YouTube channel on 23 May in collaboration with Singapore’s Sing Lit Station.