SAND #20

SAND #20 is full of taboos and transgressions, secrets and profanities, all of which would likely be censored in many times and places. Mothers walk around both inspiringly and obscenely naked, a 16th-century fire consumes gay men and furniture as equally disposable, pro-democracy poets embrace profanity as resistance, shameful body parts become the center of eroticism, lovers battle polar bears alongside the confines of monogamy, and mothers hide their real monsters in the euphemism of bedtime stories, all while the young women in Sookoon Ang’s cover art refuse to be the types of bodies that are put on magazine covers.

Cover “Exorcise Me,” Sookoon Ang, 2013
Design by Dimitris Gkikas

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Tammy Lai-Ming Ho in February 2020

Heterotopic Hong Kong

A prose poem series by Tammy Lai-Ming Ho responding to images of the Hong Kong protests by local independent photojournalists.

From SAND #20