SAND at Frankfurt Book Fair

We will be sharing a stand called Indiecon Island with this fantastic lineup of independent magazines from Germany. So stop by and say hi to us and our fellow magazine makers. Jake and Ashley from SAND will be there in person on Wednesday and Thursday, but copies are available all week and we have special dispensation from the book fair to sell them.

Looking forward to meeting some of you in Frankfurt, and extremely grateful to Die Brᵫder from Hamburg for making IndieCon Island happen.

Here is a bit more about the other magazines at our stand (all of them are published in German apart from gentle rain; tau prints the original language beside German translations):

  • Brasilia tells stories by designers, for designers.
  • Graustufen is an audio magazine of design and society. Each episode of the podcast is devoted to a topic that we discuss and explore with designers and figures from the cultural and creative scene.
  • Das Wetter is a quarterly magazine of writing and music. Originally founded as a music magazine, it has grown into a platform for a wide range of artists who work with the medium of text.
  • Die Epilog is a magazine from Weimar and Berlin that theoretically examines the present moment with a focus, an attitude, and an edge.
  • Since its founding in 1993, Edit has become one of the most important journals of contemporary German-language literature, releasing three issues per year of poetry, prose, drama, new translations, and literary esays.
  • FROH! Magazine believes that good stories can change society, looks for joyful leeway in daily life, and tells stories about people who shape their surroundings.
  • gentle rain is a magazine about Hamburg. It looks at co-existence in urban space, portrays people in the city, and shows how they live and work. We also make excursions into the creative habitats, urban enclaves and nearby retreats in and around the metropolis that is our home.
  • If intellectuals express simple things in complex ways and artists do the reverse, where do publishers fit in? Korbinian Verlag, founded in 2015, seeks to redefine this profession for today by remembering Berlin’s 1920s publishing scene. Currently shortlisted for the Berlin Publishers’ Prize.
  • Missy magazine is a feminist magazine of pop culture, politics, and style for a generation of women who take their lives into their own hands.
  • Prothese magazine brings together essays and articles from various perspectives in monothematic issues: a cross-section of open-minded thought in mint condition.
  • Samlung Walter is a new fashion and interiors label. Each product is developed in three variations of equal value based a common original idea: either homemade, manufactured, or created individually by the designer and craftsperson. 
  • Slanted, founded in 2014, is a prizewinning semiannual print magazine of international design and culture.
  • tau is a new literary journal from Hamburg that selects writing and art on pre-announced themes across genre boundaries and with a strong translation focus.
  • ZurQuelle is a colorful, playful magazine of national and international reportage that sheds light on pop culture and social discourses but isn’t above making the odd dirty joke.