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From the Current Issue

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Excerpt from “Letters” by Kimberly Rooney  高小荣

“When I think of you, it is as 爸爸妈妈. Do you prefer 父母? Do you think of me as 女儿? Perhaps we can be proof that names are not necessary for care, that boundaries do not have to be so explicit for understanding to exist.” 

“you cannot want what you do not know” by Memoona Zahid

“we were taught / the solidity of our bodies until from us poured / a viscous sap of purple. like the first thrill / of passing through clouds, / bodies surprise in the way they are permeable.”

Excerpt from “The Lake Experience” by Laura Lynes

“But then we laugh because we notice that laughing loosens up our parts. Our laughing becomes harder, insistent, undoing first our collar bones, and then the sterna between our breasts, until finally there is a full shattering and we are free.” 

“Paeaean” by Aea Varfis-van Warmelo

“O who to jab with the // the TR-/uth of how borders spasmed and altered monumental that slipstream border cicatrised on map — please the borders do do trtrace them on the sheet but in water they are nothing but layline” 

Excerpt from “Primary Bonds” by Laura Tansley and Micaela Maftei

“The steampunk pirates land at dusk. The sun is going down into the waves and the light is golden and the white spray comes over the rocks every six seconds or so. They crash into all this.”

Excerpt from “Errantries [2]” by Sophia Terazawa

“Chrysanthemum is always placing herself squarely, unabashedly, in the movies we watch together; it’s her way of relating to the world. She sits on a low stool by a burner in Mùi’s kitchen. The boundaries of her mind and the projection machine are blurring into one.”

From the Archives

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“Brother” Poetry by Gboyega Odubanjo

“it’s funny   because the world is / burning   this day is another / i wake up at 630   now south somewhere / you wake up   the day is itself”

“I WILL NEVER BE A COWBOY” Poetry by Katrina Agbayani 

not everything pretty / can be spared. start the pageant. roll the / cameras. make fury look like a hobby like / it’s not something to be ground into”

“Girls on the Internet” Fiction by Frankie Barnet

“When I was seventeen, the boy I liked carved my initials into his leg but there is no way for me to describe exactly how this made me feel 100% accurately.”

“Mayo (Part 1)” Fiction by Karla Marrufo Huchim, translated by Allison A. deFreese

“sometimes it occurs to me that the past is a faded beach house, condemned to endure the sand’s relentless daily caresses and the sting of salt swept up by the wind.”

“How to Kill Your Father” Creative Nonfiction by Carol Claassen

“If you’ve never loved him enough to want to see him at the bottom of a hole so deep it cuts through the earth and funnels into a dead star, you don’t have enough skin in the game for this.”

“When You Died” Creative Nonfiction by Melanie Hoffert

“You were her unbound side: no bedtime, pizza for dinner, freedom; her father her orderly side: beds are to be made, all things have a place. I hear you both daily in whispers accenting our lives.”

Readings from SAND

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Why We Chose It: Artwork by Elise Carlton in SAND 24

“The blend of the everyday and the abstract evokes personal and social archeologies, about ways to unearth the unsaid and unsayable, by arranging and re-arranging its fragments.” 

Why We Chose It: Artwork by Amber Iman in SAND 24

“Details evoke the work of memory and forgetting, pointing to time and history as physical imprints and journeys through space as multiple timelines.” 

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