“Out of Place.”


  • Kanika Agrawal
  • Hussain Ahmed
  • Carlo André
  • Kristina Bicher
  • Sara Anstis
  • Rosaire Appel
  • Joshua Bohnsack
  • Christian Brookland
  • Vicky Charles
  • Marc Cohen
  • Lindsay Costello
  • Henry Curchod
  • Trace Howard DePass
  • Bijan Elahi
  • Rowen Foster
  • Jerey Gibbs
  • Rebecca Gould
  • Helena Granström
  • Jordan A. Martin
  • Avantika Khanna
  • King Llanza
  • Marie Lunquist
  • Rachel McNicholl
  • Uma Menon
  • Andriana Minou
  • msw
  • Luke Muyskens
  • Candice Nembhard
  • Arianna Reiche
  • Marina Reza
  • Alyssa Ripley
  • Lisa López Smith
  • Kayvan Tahmasebian
  • Saskia Vogel
  • Florian Wacker
Cover by “Hair Vigilante,” Vicky Charles, 2018
Design by Bárbara Fonseca

Back Issues

  • #18
    Winter 2017

    Issue 18 has a new expanded format. The 144 pages of writing and art embark on a search for ancestral meaning that takes us from a remote Philippine island...


    Issue 18

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  • #19
    Summer 2019

    SAND #19 is united by a sense of dissonance and full of characters that might seem “out of place” – but it sets aside geography to find other connecting...


    Issue 19

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  • #17
    Winter 2016

    The motto is dead – long live the motto. Slogans and hashtags swing elections, propel social movements, and take down harassers and abusers. At first...


    Issue 17

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  • #16
    Spring 2016

    Although we didn’t select this issue’s work with any theme in mind, the pieces we’ve assembled here share an uncanny obsession with containment,...


    Issue 16

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  • #15
    Autumn 2015

    “Your destination must // precede your map,” writes Zoë Hitzig in “The Anamorphic Skull” but so many of us left our maps at home years ago. It...


    Issue 15

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  • #14
    Spring 2015

    We fucked up. We’re pulling the rainforests out by the roots and watching whatever country we come from slowly self-implode as it shudders the shrapnel...


    Issue 14

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  • #13
    Autumn 2014

    With these opening words, Sophie Atkinson takes us to “Wonderland,” whirling us into a willful world where desire is akin to possession but it’s...


    Issue 13

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  • #12
    Autumn 2015

    – can sometimes feel more like Snow White’s tightly laced bodice, cinched and ready to kill: “now / they’re bound / for the worn / and glowing...


    Issue 12

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  • #11
    Spring 2015

    Those of us who call Berlin home are used to waking up to slate-gray winter skies and knocking the rickety iron heaters up a notch to bring some warmth...


    Issue 11

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  • #10
    Autumn 2014

    A body in motion stays in motion, said Newton, who also said that what goes up, must go down. A wise man, observing the obvious, that we are bound by more...


    Issue 10

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  • #09
    Autumn 2015

    Like water seeping into an empty riverbed, we find our own borders by discovering where they bump up against others. “How we need another soul to cling...


    Issue 9

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  • #8
    Spring 2015

    Somewhere between darkness and a dream is a nebulous place where writing happens. When we take the darkness and shape it with the written word, its hold...


    Issue 8

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  • #7
    Autumn 2014

    In this issue, we pay tribute to those who attempt the impossible, those who translate. Issue 7 features stories and poems translated from Chinese, German,...


    Issue 7

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  • #6
    Autumn 2012

    A birthday party in a blooming garden with a big cake and lots of friends from school. A weekend on the Baltic Sea with an older brother and a few cousins....


    Issue 6

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  • #5
    Spring 2012

    Not even here in Berlin, which has made a tradition of pushing, knocking down, leveling, and inverting boundaries. It is therefore fitting, I think, that...


    Issue 5

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  • #4
    Autumn 2011

    “Return” in the manner of a response, of shaping and being shaped. We wish to go and be a part of the shaping. Even if, at the end, nothing new will...


    Issue 4

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  • #3
    Spring 2011

    In the last several months, our growing team of SAND editors has received works from hundreds of writers and artists, each one in their own way pausing...


    Issue 3

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  • #1
    Spring 2010

    Like many ideas in Berlin, the idea for SAND began over a beer or three; and was formulated loosely around a line in a song performed by the Berlin band...



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