Four Invitations to Write Across Realms

In the opening webinar of our Poetic Vision series, four interdisciplinary poets shared insights from their practice and presented these four writing invitations, so you can try writing across realms yourself, from gender and art to public space to honeybees to scientific papers.

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Cut-up letters and words creating a found poem

De/constructed Poetry Contest

In March 2021, in line with SAND 22’s theme – deconstruction/reconstruction – we invited our readers and friends to construct a poem entirely from words they found around them – digging for book titles, newspaper headlines, food labels, shopping lists, or anything else – and write a poem of 22 words or less using their findings.

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Poetic Vision

Poets spend hours scrutinizing words on the page. For a change of scenery, SAND’s three-part virtual event series Poetic Vision (in April-May 2021) will peer outward through a poem’s glasses. How do poets view visual art, science, and film? How can we creatively channel other media in a text that speaks for itself?

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