Community, the Pandemic, and Ten Years of SAND

“Simply by publishing in our native English, we find ourselves heir to a dark legacy of British and US cultural imperialism. Resisting that legacy, we try to use our platform – and our language’s huge audience – to amplify voices that publishers and curators have often erased or marginalized.”

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Issue Specials

Poetry in SAND 21

In a video feature for the virtual Lyrikmarkt (poetry fair) at the 2020 poesiefestival berlin, our poetry editors Crista Siglin and Emma Lawson discussed the poetry of SAND 21 during the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, exploring the subjectivity of time and how our daily experience changes our readings of poems.

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Amiri Baraka: Literature for Liberation

“We had thought of the Village as a place where one went to be an artist. It seemed to us then that it was more important for us to be in Harlem, and that the art we made had to be part of Black people’s struggle to liberate themselves. … But that’s what we were doing: trying to make art revolutionary.” An exclusive interview from 2005 with the late poet on writing and rebellion.

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