Poetic Vision

Poets spend hours scrutinizing words on the page. For a change of scenery, SAND’s three-part virtual event series Poetic Vision (in April-May 2021) will peer outward through a poem’s glasses. How do poets view visual art, science, and film? How can we creatively channel other media in a text that speaks for itself?

Speaking of Urgency

On 11 October 2020, between the coronavirus lockdowns, we held a writing and reading event at Hopscotch Reading Room in collaboration with The Poetry Project. We’ve been navigating a time in which communication has been largely limited to online interactions, all while we have a growing and pressing need to remain connected, and find new …

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Brexit… And Now What?

Who, if not contemporary writers, are better qualified to reflect on the absurd, the utopian and the dystopian implications of Brexit? Who better to riff on the intentionally and unintentionally amusing, the realer than real and the weirdly surreal? In the run-up to midnight, when Britain was set to officially leave the EU, join us at …

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