Issue 22


SAND 22: “Archaeology: Deconstruction/Reconstruction”
Completing our year of archaeology, SAND 22 feels its way through the junk, keepsakes, and spaces we leave behind. Making sense of the past means both taking it apart and putting it back together. In the prose, poetry, and art of SAND 22, our pasts and presents prove surprisingly malleable. Clutter dug out of a childhood home is recast into invaluable relics. A photograph’s absence becomes more poignant than its subject. Meanwhile, a scientist and his octopoid muse  compose a counterpoint of sensory observations, and, on the outskirts of Berlin, an island brazenly invents its history with an ostentation of peacocks and uncomfortable desires.

From the “Equinox” series by Wojciech Feć

Dimitris Gkikas

Grace Adeyemi • Katrina Agbayani • Alex Aldred • Frances Barnet • Lena Blackmon • Michael Chang • Carol Claassen • Elisa Crawley • Kat Dixon-Ward • Claire Dodd • R.M. Fradkin • Sherese Francis • Fee Griffin • Melanie Hoffert • Erin Honeycutt • Birhan Keskin • Neysa King • Inna Krasnoper • Jennifer Kronovet • Nathaniel LaCelle-Peterson • Jess McKinney • Síofra McSherry • Londeka Mdluli • Neha Mulay • Nora Nadjarian • Tariro Ndoro • Taiye Ojo • Ann Pedone • Julia Pelosi • Ela Przybylo • Ayesha Raees • henry 7. reneau jr. • Ella Schoefer-Wulf • Dorsía Smith Silva • Bayley Sprowl • Öykü Tekten • Ilias Tsagas • Viva Padilla • James Young • Yongjae Kim • Minjung Lee • Rosaire Appel • Julie Beugin • Wojciech Feć • Joanna Garmon • David Hanes • Celestine Krier • Stella N’Djoku • Rushika Wick

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