Working Title by Jay Ritchie

PoetryIssue 26: Shifting

The impermanence of enough and things

as you find them. Piece some knowing together

like a working title. Of the sun’s “radiant

presence,” of the shade’s “cool line,” about what

are you worried. There, there. Judgement is bereft

of acceptance and right now you’re here, no,

there. Remain with time as a calendar does not,

the page you turn is turning you. Today’s tree,

today’s wind. Today and every sunstruck part

that has nothing to do with you. The population

greets what you forgot: all the lights at night,

that happy stumbling feeling, the passing cloud,

the map of the town’s faded pressure lines,

teary-eyed in what you thought was a clearing.

Jay Ritchie is a writer, editor, teacher, and McGill English PhD candidate researching intermedial poetics and performance. His most recent collection of poetry is Listening in Many Publics (Invisible Publishing, 2024), a book of three long poems. His work has been performed on CBC Radio, at the Newmarket National 10-minute Play Festival, and as part of a digital installation at the PHI Centre. Find more online at