Morgan Stokes: SAND 21 Cover Artist

As part of SAND‘s online 10th anniversary festival in May 2020, our SAND 21 cover artist, Morgan Stokes, gave a virtual tour of his studio and spoke with SAND Art Editor Ruhi Parmar Amin.

In the studio tour and interview videos, Morgan discusses oil painting, practicing in both Berlin and Sydney, publishing in indie print journals like SAND, and the ways in which digital screens mediate and manipulate our view of ourselves and the world, often making us unwitting commodities, among other topics. 

Watch the videos here, and find more readings, interviews, and the like on SAND’s YouTube channel.

Morgan Stokes (b. 1990) is an artist from Australia based in Berlin and Sydney. He holds a Master of Design from the University of New South Wales. Understanding the internet as a place where past and future coexist in the present, Stokes’ works draw from our fraught relationship with technology, juxtaposing the nascent visual language of digital screens with the tradition of oil painting. Stokes fragments and blends forms and ideas to challenge and explore identity, digital anxiety and the new, technology-centric human condition.