Based in Berlin, SAND is a nonprofit literary journal published twice a year by a team from the city’s international community. Featuring work by writers, translators, and artists from around the world, SAND seeks out fresh and underrepresented perspectives.


SAND was founded in 2009 by Becky Crook. In the years since, our large, evolving team has published nearly two thousand pages of visual art and English-language fiction, nonfiction, and poetry (including translations) from more than thirty countries. We have a particular interest in work by women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and people from marginalized locations. Stories that first appeared in SAND have been included in three Best Small Fictions anthologies and were nominated for a Stack award. Contributing poets have been honored with the Hawker Prize for Southeast Asian Poetry, the Brunel International African Literature Prize, the Georg Büchner Prize, a New York Times Best Poetry of the Year listing, and the European Union Award for Literature.

SAND is part of Berlin’s lively independent literary and art scene. We periodically host events – including our launch parties at Berlin clubs – and collaborate with the creative communities of Berlin, Europe, and the wider world. Larger projects have included our Translating the Untranslatable workshop at A-Festival in Vietnam, a workshop and exhibition during the Stadtsprachen festival of local non-German literatures, and the Found in Translation retreat for emerging literary translators back in 2013. We also co-judged the Berlin Writing Prize with The Reader in 2017 and held a Quick.SAND contest for flash fiction in 2015.

You can purchase SAND online or at bookstores in Berlin and several European countries. We also participate in book and magazine fairs, including the Frankfurter Buchmesse, Miss Read in Berlin, Indiemagdays in Hamburg, and It’s a Book in Leipzig. SAND is a member of the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses.

We are an all-volunteer team driven by our passion for literature and art. If you live in Berlin and are interested in joining us, check our Join page for current openings.

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Jake Schneider
Editor in Chief

Jake Schneider lives vicariously through other people's words, most often by transmogrifying them from German. His translation of the poetry collection Fragmented Waters by Ron Winkler was released by Shearsman Books in 2016. →

Simone O’Donovan
Managing Editor

Since arriving in 2012, Simone has been weaving her way through the literary scene in Berlin, dabbling in editorial work, publishing, and PR. Likely to be spotted in Templehof with a packet of salted almonds and a fine novel, she sees herself as a jack of some trades and master of none. →

Matthew Deery
Editorial Coordinator

Once famously described as "gentlemanly but unnecessary," Irishman Matthew Deery moved to Berlin in 2015. SAND's Editorial Coordinator, he also works as an Online Editor for a large German company that definitely does something, that's for sure. →

Ashley Moore
Fiction Editor

Ashley is a writer, editor, and educator based in Bayreuth and Berlin. →

Ruhi Amin
Art Editor

Ruhi is a London-born artist, chef and writer (in that order). She moved to Berlin in 2017 after living in Paris for four years, where she achieved her BFA in Fine Arts. She is the co-creator of an artists’ and writers’ collective called Slanted House, which is based in Berlin and Paris. Apart from prancing around in her turmeric-stained chef whites, Ruhi loves the act of creating, cucumbers, her dog Archimedes, and blue oil pastels.

Natalie Mariko
Poetry Editor

Natalie Mariko was born in New Jersey and moved to Berlin in 2018. She studied philosophy and mathematics at Rutgers University, and English and African literature and film at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. If she’s not hoarding books or wine drunk and reciting Heaney, works she’s written have been known to appear.

Crista Siglin
Poetry Editor

Crista finds herself living in Berlin after having grown up (as much as she could manage) in the Midwestern United States. She studied painting and creative writing at the Kansas City Art Institute. She loves writing poetry, drawing, chasing ghosts, playing with other people’s food, and watching her way slowly but surely through the Criterion Collection. She is the author of the poetry chapbook Fleeting, Sacred (Spartan Press). →

Susanna Forrest
Nonfiction Editor

Susanna Forrest is the author of The Age of the Horse (Atlantic Books/Atlantic Monthly Press) and If Wishes Were Horses (Atlantic Books). She won the 2016 Sophie Coe Prize for an essay about a horsemeat banquet in 1890s Kansas and teaches creative nonfiction at The Reader, Berlin. She'll write about anything from racism to cave paintings and broth baths as long as there's a tenuous connection to horses. →

Lieke Kessels
Communications & Outreach

Lieke is a writer and philosopher who has worked in film, festivals, and events throughout Europe. She is always busy with one project or another and mainly runs on caffeine. →

Ruby Mason
Communications & Outreach

Ruby grew up in the English countryside, and studied literature and translation in London. She lives in Berlin, works in publishing, and enjoys list-making, poetry, and crisps in her free time. →

Dasom Yang
Communications & Outreach

Dasom is a writer and translator who grew up in South Korea and lived in Ohio, Paris, and Dublin. Her essays and poems are published or forthcoming, and she is at work on her first book, a collection of narrative nonfiction essays that tell stories of migration, translation, and memory. She will be a writer-in-residence at Can Serrat Artist Residency in Spain in March, 2019. She is a Virgo. →

Zoë Fagan
Distribution & Finance Manager

Zoë, born in the land where cats have no tails, and holder of a coveted degree in myths and fairy-tales, is SAND’s trusted Finance and Distribution manager. She lives in Berlin where she works as a Producer, and enjoys escaping the city to the wilds of nature and scribing her even wilder thoughts. →

Bárbara Fonseca

Bárbara Fonseca is an illustrator and graphic designer. She was born in Portugal and studied Communication Design at the fine Arts Academy in Lisbon. Currently, she works as a freelancer and is part of Voyager Collective, a recently formed research collective on the themes of design fiction and innovation. →

Joey Bahlsen
Events Coordinator

Joey Bahlsen is a freelance writer and translator. He holds a bachelor’s in philosophy and music from the University of Sussex and an MSc in creative writing from Edinburgh University. He is a Berlin native and an editor of stadtsprachen magazin. 

Christina Wegener
Verein Coordinator

Christina is most likely from Berlin, even though she may have been interchanged by trolls in her childhood during a trip through Scandinavia. That would explain why she feels strangely at home in the mountains and woods. When she is not hiding there or in foreign places, she organizes literary events and works for a nonprofit, after having studied literature in Berlin, Havana, and Barcelona. →