We exist to provide opportunity for emerging authors and artists, inspiration for writers and readers, a chance to engage with the literary scene in Berlin and beyond, and remain a source of support for other communities.


Founded in 2009, SAND is based in Berlin and publishes biannually, attracting short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction, translations, flash fiction, and artwork from all over the world. We publish work that is fresh, well written, accessible, and diverse, as we take pride in producing a beautiful journal that can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

SAND also fosters the independent literary and art scene in Berlin by promoting both local and international writers and artists that help solidify Berlin’s position as a world city. We collaborate with musicians, literary festivals, and artist cooperatives to hold regular events and workshops in the city, thereby aiming to bring diverse communities with similar interests closer together as well as enhance Berlin’s literary community. Through this sense of community and our presence in the international literary scene, we aim to encourage dialogue and, most importantly, create excitement around quality literature and artwork.

We are an all-volunteer team driven by our passion for literature and art. If you’re interested in joining us, check our Join page for current openings.

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Jake Schneider
Editor in Chief

Jake Schneider lives vicariously through other people's words, most often by transmogrifying them from German. His translation of the poetry collection Fragmented Waters by Ron Winkler was released by Shearsman Books in 2016.

jake@sandjournal.com →

Lyz Pfister
Senior Editor

SAND's editor in chief emeritus, Lyz Pfister is a freelance writer and translator living and working in Berlin. She is a published poet and the author of Eat Me. Drink Me., a food-and-culture blog that explores who we are through what we eat. She's currently working on her first book.

lyz@sandjournal.com →

Simone O'Donovan
Managing Editor

Since arriving in 2012, Simone has been weaving her way through the literary scene in Berlin, dabbling in editorial work, publishing, and PR. Likely to be spotted in Templehof with a packet of salted almonds and a fine novel, she sees herself as a jack of some trades and master of none.

simone@sandjournal.com →

Florian Duijsens
Fiction Editor

Florian Duijsens is the fiction editor of SAND and teaches in Bard College Berlin’s Language & Thinking program.

florian@sandjournal.com →

Greg Nissan
Poetry Editor

Greg Nissan, who moved to Berlin in 2015, is a poet and translator from New York City. His work can be found. 


Matthew Deery
Copy Editor

Once famously described as "gentlemanly but unnecessary," Irishman Matthew Deery moved to Berlin in 2015. SAND's Copy Editor, he also works as an Online Editor for a large German company that definitely does something, that's for sure.

matthew@sandjournal.com →

Stephanie Hannon
Art Editor

Stephanie is an artist and designer from the UK living and working in Berlin. Alongside her art practise, she operates the NINE TWO FIVE project, which aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience between artists and writers.


Andrew Scheinman
Nonfiction Editor

Andrew is a freelance writer, sometimes musician, artist, and ardent gastronome, and dabbles in everything else. When not out wandering Berlin, he can be found in dim rooms drinking homemade gin and reading all manner of literature or lying in the grass trying to remember how he got here.

andrew@sandjournal.com →

Ashley Moore
Assistant Fiction Editor

Ashley is a writer and educator based in Germany who loves a good story, a good hike, and a good adventure, especially when they’re all rolled into one. When she’s not nose-deep in lit mags, knee-deep in some new terrain, or deep-deep in daydreams about more traveling, she’s probably dancing. Her new project – The Story Travels – will be live soon.

ashley@sandjournal.com →

Lieke Kessels
Communications & Outreach

Lieke is a writer and philosopher who has worked in film, festivals, and events throughout Europe. She is always busy with one project or another and mainly runs on caffeine. 

lieke@sandjournal.com →

Ruby Mason
Communications & Outreach

Ruby grew up in the English countryside, and studied literature and translation in London. She lives in Berlin, works in publishing, and enjoys list-making, poetry, and crisps in her free time.

ruby@sandjournal.com →

Nadirah Porter-Kasbati
Distribution & Finance Manager

Nadirah is a student of literature, linguistics, and life who has been luxuriating in Berlin's abundant weirdness since 2013.

nadirah@sandjournal.com →

Charlotte Wührer
Distribution & Finance Assistant

Charlotte Wührer comes from the UK, where she trained as a teacher. She lives in Berlin, writing, studying literature, and working freelance as a translator. She loves words like agog, akimbo and mauerbauertraurigkeit.

charlotte@sandjournal.com →

Rosie Flanagan

Rosie is a freelance designer and writer with a colour ordered wardrobe and an alphabetised bookshelf. She hails from a tiny island off the southern coast of Australia.


Anton Lang
Events Manager

Anton is a writer and editor. Originally from Moscow, he grew up in London, and got his Master’s specialising in fiction from Dartmouth College, USA. In Berlin he performs readings of his stories, co-hosts the Fiction Canteen, and has just completed a book of short stories that he sends out for publication. Amongst various projects he is developing one that combines his prose and photography.


Molly O'Laughlin
Events Assistant

Molly O'Laughlin is a writer and translator living in Berlin. Her tomato plants are thriving, against all odds.

molly@sandjournal.com →

Christina Wegener
Verein Coordinator

Christina is most likely from Berlin, even though she may have been interchanged by trolls in her childhood during a trip through Scandinavia. That would explain why she feels strangely at home in the mountains and woods. When she is not hiding there or in foreign places, she organizes literary events and works for a nonprofit, after having studied literature in Berlin, Havana, and Barcelona.

christina@sandjournal.com →