Poetry in SAND 21

In a video feature for the virtual Lyrikmarkt (poetry fair) at the 2020 poesiefestival berlin, our poetry editors Crista Siglin and Emma Lawson discussed the poetry of SAND 21 during the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, exploring the subjectivity of time and how our daily experience changes our readings of poems.

Poems discussed from the issue:

  • “Entreaty to the rattlesnake population of Griffith Park” by Waverly SM (featured here on Instagram)
  • “Essay on Causation” by Adele Elise Williams (from SAND 20)
  • “Experimental Prayer” by Ari Feld
  • “White Money” by Hsien Min Toh
  • “Black Pepper Greens” by Lizzy Yarwood
  • “Housefitting: threshold” by David Felix (featured as a video collage on our Youtube channel)