Issue 25


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“Lost And Found”
SAND 25 is a search for the lost and found—from losing and finding personal histories and identities, to reflecting on what is lost and found with the passing of time, and finding wonder in the infinite expanse of the universe, which can mirror our own most intimate experiences in uncanny ways.

Katayoon Valamanesh, “untitled”

Déborah-Loïs Séry

Sana Hajra Siddiqi · Kyra Simone · Arushee Suri · Dr. Patricia Falkenburg · Esther Heller · Ditta Baron Hoeber · Sarpong Osei Asamoah · João Luís Barreto Guimarães tr. Calvin Olsen · Dominika Šimková · Roya Zendebudie · Tomaž Šalamun tr. Brian Henry · Lauren Schenkman · Julia Ongking · Guide Aguilera Castro · Veronika Cherednychenko · Muiz Opeyemi Ajayi · Katarina Gotic · Ajay Kumar · Barbara Genova · Allis Sääsk · Sonia Boué · Rina Kenovic · Devon Mello · Mirjam Zeise · Abbie Hart · Lemmy Ya’akova · Constance Bacchus · Rachel Herz · Katayoon Valamanesh · Nora Nadjarian · Elizabeth Hill · Ciara Maguire · Cassidy Menard · Patrycja Humienik · Elaine Chao · Gamze S. Saymaz · James Croal Jackson · Phương Anh · Cau Silva · Abdulkareem Abdulkareem


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