Issue 15


SAND 15: “Navigation”

Poet Zoë Hitzig writes, “Your destination must // precede your map.” This issue is full of people on reluctant journeys, people regretting the results, people trying to make the best of bad situations. A young woman sits in the passenger’s seat of a stranger’s car with the stranger’s injured dog in her lap as they drive further and further from safety. A vicar can only embrace his alter ego – and perhaps even his truer self – when he escapes to a temporary “home” in the north. Featured art sees home as changeable and abstracted, flattening the globe into a shady grid, bereft of continents or clouds. Poetry takes us to a place of eternal spring, where the speaker finds the “toxic” river water almost enlivening. A floating baby seems less of an issue than the possibility of a volcano eruption, and a coffee pot is “denied” its wings – better to stay safe than to strike out and face the unknowable.

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Ben McNutt from his 2017 series Wrestlers

Stephanie Hannon

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