Issue 12


SAND 12: “Ties That Bind”

The white wedding gown – harbinger of hope, vow of love, symbol of fidelity – can sometimes feel more like Snow White’s tightly laced bodice, cinched and ready to kill: “now / they’re bound / for the worn / and glowing promise, / his clavicle yes / and yes her throat,” Alice O. Duggan writes, launching this issue of SAND into an exploration of the ties that bind. From formal constraints to the limitations of history and the restrictions of the body, SAND 12 features poetry, prose, and art that looks for a key – or at least a little light to shed on the lock.

Including Zapotec poetry by Irma Pineda, a special flash fiction section featuring the winners of our QUICK.SAND competition, and much more.

Jan Michoin

“When The Music’s Over” by Drømsjel

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