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No. 18 Winter 2018

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Issue 18 has a new expanded format. The 144 pages of writing and art embark on a search for ancestral meaning that takes us from a remote Philippine island to a cavern on the Caribbean coast, with stops in rural China, Sudan, Brazil, and California. The cover artist, Elina Bergmark Wiberg, sculpts elastic objects that engage with agrarian traditions and modern materials: “Still Life with Grapes” combines silicone with lentils.


Tarek Sebastian Al-Shammaa · Elizabeth Allen · Guilherme Bergamini · Elina Bergmark Wiberg · Shanita Bigelow · Ekaterina Costa · Travis Dahlke · Lawdenmarc Decamora · Genevieve DeGuzman · Logan February · Federico Federici · Anne Gorrick · Joan Hawkins · MC Hyland · Shayma Idris · Maren Kames · Šime Knežević · C.M. Lindley · Wendy Lotterman · Alex Luke · Alex Marsh · Blessing Musariri · Tolu Oloruntoba · Eugene Ostashevsky · Sarah Payne · Robyn Maree Pickens · Bradley Schmidt · Alexis Smiley Smith · Donna Stonecipher · Jeremy Tiang · Ollie Tong · José Trejo-Maya · Jason Wee · Matvei Yankelevich · Zou Jingzhi 


"Still Life with Grapes," Elina Bergmark Wiberg, 2017, mixed media including silicone, soap, and legumes


Bárbara Fonseca