Work that has appeared in our own pages has been featured in three Best Small Fictions anthologies and shortlisted for several Stack Awards. We also nominate and submit work we have published for various prizes, including the ones just mentioned as well as the annual Pushcart Prize (nominees here), the AKO Caine Prize for African Writing, and others.

We have also organized several competitions of various scales ourselves, including the Quick.SAND competition for flash fiction and nonfiction and a Found in Translation competition and retreat. We also co-judged the 2017 Berlin Writing Prize, organized by The Reader Berlin. Winners and shortlisted entries from all those competitions have been featured in the pages of SAND.

Because we tend to publish emerging voices, our contributors’ most impressive accomplishments often come after their appearance in SAND. We are always delighted to celebrate them. Below is a brief, incomplete list of some of the accolades collected by past SAND contributors (before or after appearing in our pages). We know there will be many more to come.


  • Nordic Prize – Dag Solstad (SAND 15)
  • German Book Prize – Saša Stanišić (SAND 5, SAND 21)
  • Leipzig Book Fair Prize  – David Wagner (SAND 11)
  • Berlin Senate Yearlong Work Stipend for Non-German-Language Writing – Jane Flett (SAND 10)

Visual Art

  • TIME Magazine Instagram Photographer of the Year – Melissa Spitz (SAND 17)


  • European Union Award for Literature – Lidija Dimkovska (SAND 17)
  • Brunel African Literature Prize – Momtaza Mehri (SAND 15, SAND 21)
  • Georg Büchner Prize, Austrian Book Prize – Friederike Mayröcker (SAND 14)
  • New York Times Best Poetry of the Year – Donna Stonecipher (SAND 14, SAND 18)
  • Young People’s Laureate of London – Momtaza Mehri (SAND 15, SAND 21)
  • Hawker Prize for Southeast Asian Poetry – Nhã Thuyên (SAND 14)
  • Berlin Senate Yearlong Work Stipend for Non-German-Language Writing – Donna Stonecipher (SAND 14, SAND 18), Eugene Ostashevsky (SAND 18)


  • Berlin Student Writer Laureate (Studentische Stadtschreiberin) – Charlotte Wührer (SAND 15)


  • Literary Translator of the London Book Fair – Jeremy Tiang (SAND 18), Katy Derbyshire (SAND 11)
  • US National Endowment for the Arts Translation Fellowship – Allison Charette (SAND 7), Donna Stonecipher (SAND 14, SAND 18)

If you know of any other major prizes or awards received by contributors, please contact us and we will add them to the list.

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