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No.15 Spring 2017

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“Your destination must // precede your map,” 
writes Zoë Hitzig in “The Anamorphic Skull”

but so many of us left our maps at home years ago.

It used to be that when we got lost, we would stop for directions and try to recreate the steps as we receded from whoever had directed us, turn by turn. These days we've invited little dictator-deities along for the ride to navigate, to give us perfectly timed commands and track our whereabouts... This issue is full of people on reluctant journeys, people delegating control over their destinations and then regretting the results.



Donald Berger • J. Bradley • Becky L. Crook • Paul Ferrell • Yulia Fintiktikova. • Binswanger Friedman • Avital Gad-Cykman • Heather E. Goodman • Ellen Joan Harris • Zoë Hitzig • Christoph Keller • Matt Kilbane • Violetta Leigh • Nate Lippens • Maja Lukic • Oksana Maksymschuk & Max Rosochinsky • Momtaza Mehri • Cole Meyer • Tracy Pitts • Rajendra Shepherd • Dag Solstad • Stu Watson



Danja Akulin • Alin Bosnoyan • Ben McNutt
Design by Stephanie Hannon