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No.14 Winter 2016

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Let’s just say it out loud.

We fucked up.


We’re pulling the rainforests out by the roots and watching whatever country we come from slowly self-implode as it shudders the shrapnel off over some other border. We’re turning to the glowing comfort of our smartphone screens and wondering why, when everyone else seems to be doing so well, we’re still just struggling to pay rent. These days, we’re having trouble finding the outlines. Where are we, when nowhere feels like home? Who are we, when we don’t have the words to describe ourselves? Somewhere, something went horribly wrong, and all we can do is keep up this desperate search for ground beneath our feet.



Jody Azzouni • Hugh Behm-Steinberg • Alexander Booth • Larry Brown • Michael Brown Jr. • Mitchell Gauvin • Peter J. Kriech • Lucy Jones • Patrick Kundig • Uršuľa Kovalyk • Inger Wold Lund • Jonathan May • Friederike Mayröcker • Nhã Thuyên • J.M. Parker • Kaitlin Rees • Ron Riekki • Lizzie Roberts • Julia & Peter Sherwood • Donna Stonecipher • Esther Yi



Tiphanie Chetara • Claudia Hausfeld • Melissa Henderson
Cover by Stephanie Hannon