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No.13 Spring 2016

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"Let's talk about desire" 

With these opening words, Sophie Atkinson takes us to "Wonderland," whirling us into a willful world where desire is akin to possession but it's never quite clear who's possessing whom.


Amara may have captured Ginny's heart, but in a world where reality flickers like a poorly-wired TV, maybe Ginny's really just by her own obsession; there's a fine line between getting what we want and letting our wants consume us. And SAND Issue 13 is all about consumption, from feeding a hunger to falling into a feeling...

A way to start is to dive headfirst into our desires, wrap ourselves in our obsessions, keep a record of everything we own. But is anything really ours to keep? Maybe just the hunger. Maybe it's just the wanting that we keep. 



Sophie Atkinson • Gustavo Barrera Calderón • Darren C. Demaree • KJ Hannah Greenberg • Kathleen Heil • Tammy Ho Lai-Ming • B.B.P. Hosmillo • Patrick Kelling • Arkaye Kierulf • Redscar McOdindo K'Oyuga • Shayne Laughter • Ann Manov • Nina Budabin McQuown • N. West Moss • Amita Murray • Emily O'Neill • Mallory Imler Powell • Molly Bess Rector • E.M. Schorb • Phillip Sterling • Mark Terrill • Robert Vivian • E.G. Willy • Danielle Zaccagnino • Alexis Zanghi



Allison Chaplin • Aurim Ra • Stephanie F. Scholz
Design by Angelique Hering