Pushcart Prize Nominations 2017

December 2017

Pushcart Prize Nominations

SAND has always had the honor of working with incredibly inspired writers and poets, which made it challenging to choose just six as our Pushcart Prize nominees. This years editorial team’s Pushcart nominations:

“Thirty-Six Times” by Jodie Noel Vinson (Issue 16)

“Outbound” by Christopher Cascio (Issue 16)

“Small Animals” by Ellen Joan Harris (Issue 15)

“With Conception of the World’s Doubts: by Elena Karina Byrne (Issue 16)

“My Imminent Demise Makes the Headlines the Same Day I Notice How Even Your Front Teeth Are” by Momtaza Mehri (Issue 15)

“Knowledge” by Christoph Keller (Issue 15)

Jodie Noel Vinson’s “Thirty-Six Times” was runner up for the Berlin Writing Price 2017. Christopher Cascio’s work has appeared in The Southampton Review, Kalliope, The Feathertale Review, and more. Ellen Joan Harris’s piece “Small Animals” for Issue 15 was the first time she was published. Elena Karine Byrne recorded a reading of her work for the SAND Special Radio Show aired on Berlin Community Radio, and her work has been published in, among others, The Paris Review, Kenyon Review, and Slate. Momtaza Mehri’s poems have appeared in Ten: Poets of the New Generation, published by Blood Axe Books earlier this year. Christoph Keller writes in German and English, and is the author of many prize-winning novels, plays and essays, including The Best Dancer (translated by Alisson Gallup), which is about his life with spinal muscular atrophy, a progressive neuromuscular disease.