Issue 10

No.10 Autumn 2014

What may seem like a glitch
is just the invisible becoming visible.

A body in motion stays in motion, said Newton, who also said that what goes up, must go down. A wise man, observing the obvious, that we are bound by more rules than the ones we make ourselves. Those can be broken. The laws of nature cannot.


Ambrianna Adams • Michelle Askin • Mark DeCarteret • Federico Federici • Stewart Finnegan • Jane Flett  • Russell Helms • Dagmara Kraus • Mercedes Lawry • Ba Ling • Celeste Lipkes • Owen Lucas • Ian Orti • Allan Peterson • Lizzie Roberts • Juan Pablo Roncone • Kathryn Savage • Stuart Snelson • Phillip Sterling • Matthew Vasiliauskas • Tom Whalen • Candice Wuehle • Elizabeth Wyatt


Carrie Crow • Javier Lozano • Virginia Patrone
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