Cut-up letters and words creating a found poem

De/constructed Poetry Contest

In March 2021, in line with SAND 22’s theme – deconstruction/reconstruction – we invited our readers and friends to construct a poem entirely from words they found around them – digging for book titles, newspaper headlines, food labels, shopping lists, or anything else – and write a poem of 22 words or less using their findings.

SAND Featured in Best Small Fictions Anthology

Flash fiction first published in SAND appeared in four consecutive editions of the Best Small Fictions anthology, the first contemporary anthology solely devoted to honoring the best short hybrid fiction published in a calendar year. Tara L. Masih founded the annual series and serves as series editor; guest editors include  Pulitzer Prize–winning author Robert Olen Butler …

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Berlin Writing Prize

SAND (represented by Fiction Editor Florian Duijsens) co-judged the 2017 Berlin Writing Prize, organized by The Reader Berlin, and published the winning story, “The Wooden Box” by Dolores Walsh, as well as runner-up “Thirty-Six Times” by Jodie Noel Vinson, in SAND 16. Dolores Walshe received a monthlong residency at Berlin’s The Circus Hotel, where a prize …

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SAND’s 2017 Pushcart Prize Nominees

SAND Journal’s 2017 Pushcart Prize Nominees SAND has always had the honor of working with incredibly inspired writers and poets, which made it challenging to choose just six as our 2017 Pushcart Prize nominees. We hope you’ll join us in congratulating E.G. Willy for “Black Friday”, J.M. Parker for “The Day Trip”, Esther Yi for “Brussels, Beckett, Partnership,” Patrick Kindig for “Boy,” Ron Riekki …

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Quick.SAND Competition

For our Quick.SAND flash competition (fiction and nonfiction), we requested 300 of your words neatly bound into stories. You delivered, and we devoured. The best stories often began with a seemingly insignificant object or image that accrued weight over the brief course of the text. They were the pieces that took best advantage of their …

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