November 29, 2021

The prose, poetry, and art of SAND 23 are all about coping – from escapism to rituals, dreams, obsessions and prayers. A poet pines for woolly mammoths, obsolete technology and profiteroles. A girl gang drink graveside Jell-o shots. For one grieving narrator, a pet cat proves more of a menace than a comfort. And on the cover, a brilliant bouquet sprouts from unlikely roots. 

Cover artwork by Larissa Fantini, “Para não dizer que não esculpi as flores I,” 2021. Design by Déborah-Loïs Séry.

Chelsea Harlan • Miriam McEwen • Yu Müller • Ernest O. Ògúnyẹmí • Ian Cappelli • Nikitta Adjirakor • E. Briskin • Gurmeet Singh • Adaeze Onwuelo • William Lessard • Yam Gong • James Shea • Dorothy Tse • Jade Riordan • Mehdi Navid • Zahra Rostamian • Katharina Bendixen • Rachel Farmer • Aoife Lynch • Chloé Savoie-Bernard • April Yee • Austin Miles • Shida Bazyar • Ruth Martin • Yvonne • Hon Lai-chu • Jacqueline Leung • Bryana Joy • Kelly Mullins • Maeve McKenna • Vivian I. Trutzl • Lauren Maltas • Taraka Hamada • William Fargason • Sihle Ntuli • Mackenzie Singh • JW Summerisle • Winifred Wong • Keegan Lawler • Panteha Abareshi • Larissa Fantini • Henry Hu • Bridget Moreen Leslie • Lee Miller • Letta Shtohryn • Tabitha Swanson • Awdhesh Tamrakar

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SAND 23 features two pieces from Henry Hu’s 21, flip series. In Hu’s series statement, he describes the work as “a sparse, cathartic set of visuals,” saying the series “ruminates on the old corners of youth and growth. Began, simply, our inner stream of consciousness; the hushed reflections, the ambient hums, the drifted murmurs — but also, at times, a harsh, roaring buzz.”

“White” from the series 21, flip by Henry Hu

Hu says his “emerging practice commits to an infusion. An exchange. An immediacy. A link between the interior and the exterior – of a self, a being, an identity, a consciousness. Each individual series offers an overarching narrative, steps away from the present for a spell: tasked with casting new perspectives, fresh air to breathe, a spiritual relief. Often juxtaposing the past with the future, differing forms of surrealistic fantasies unfold across his works; along with a recurring structure, the heart of all series rests in harmony.”

Artwork by Henry Hu - 3:day from the series 21,flip

“3:day” from the series 21, flip by Henry Hu

Find out more and see additional pieces at henryhu.comYou can find this and other exciting artwork, poetry, fiction, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, and translations in SAND 23.