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Spring 2018

“One of the Most Cohesive Compilations of Literature and Art”
The Review Review Reviews SAND Issue 11

The Review Review has made it its mission to read and comment on literary journals of all sizes. We were particularly pleased by Laura Page’s review of SAND in spring 2015, which responds to that issue’s writing in detail. Here are the opening and closing paragraphs:

In the preface to issue 11 of SAND, the editors of Berlin’s English Literary Journal write that the issue is meant to explore a few of the most distinctive historical moments in Berlin’s “layered history,” celebrate the landscape, and probe the ways history and place together shape identity. There is a feeling of immediacy throughout this issue, but a telescopic quality as well, in that the reader can feel as if she is seeing Berlin, seeing the people of Berlin from a perspective that equalizes human experience, makes each shaping influence meaningful, whether it be for the tired traveler on a treacherous highway or a Nazi propagandist in Horst-Wessel-Stadt.


Issue 11 of SAND, Berlin’s English literary journal, is one of the most cohesive compilations of literature and art that I’ve recently encountered. The majority of the contributors flesh out a landscape that focuses on liminal spaces, and experiences of transition or otherness or being in two places at once, emotionally or mentally. And throughout the entire issue, the textured history of Berlin, as it once was and as it exists for Millennials today, is examined in new and unexpected ways. 

Read the full text at the Review Review.