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No.7 Spring 2013

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Trying to connect two disparate worlds

which necessarily remain separate.


In this issue, we pay tribute to those who attempt the impossible, those who translate. Issue 7 features stories and poems translated from Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, Croatian, and Russian, and we’ve devoted our Kaffee Pause section to the winners of our first ever under-30 translation competition, judged by Katy Derbyshire, literary translator, and Catherine Hales, poet and translator.



Shannon Quinn • David Groulx • Kate Nacy • Osip Mandelstam • Alistair Noon • Jon Lincoln • Ottilie Mulzet • Jeffery Ryan Long • Ali Blythe • Ana Martins Marques • Julia Sanches • Isabelle Rivoal • Allison M. Charette • Hrvoje Tutek • Dunja Bahtijarević • Mark Terrill • Vassilis Zambaras • Tammy Ho-Lai Ming • Ricky Garni • Wolfram Lotz • Marshall Yarbrough • Joel Vega • Walter Rheiner • Gijs van Koningsveld • Caleb Salgado



Dmitry Borshch • Shane Sutton • Clark Mizono