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No.6 Autumn 2012

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Memories I wish I had

and memories I am glad are not mine.


A birthday party in a blooming garden with a big cake and lots of friends from school. A weekend on the Baltic Sea with an older brother and a few cousins. A hiking trip to the Alps with my father. All memories I wish I had, memories which others may have told me, memories that sneak up on me from time to time and almost feel like my own. I don’t mind.



Erin Kelly • Joseph Goosey • Katie Eberhart • Catherine Hales • Alejandro Zambra • Sharif El Gammal-Ortiz • Kenneth Pobo • David Nee • Utz Rachowski • Michael Ritterson • Leif Haven • David Boffa • Norbert Lange • Emily Lundin • Steven Johannes Fowler • Monika Rinck • Jennifer Nelson • William Black 



Sophia Moseley • Piia Rossi • Antoni Sieczkowski • Claudia Olendrowicz • Hanna Fiegenbaum • Alexander Adams • Becky Crook