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No.2 Autumn 2010

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“The reign of the black sack thunderclouds”


During the pendulum swing from smoldering bare-faced days of heat to the reign of the black sack thunderclouds, the quality of submissions has made it worth every late night. Thematic patterns of extremes emerged from the collection:
water and dryness, isolation and intimacy, familiarity and foreignness.



Yaron Dahan • Tishani Doshi • Alesandro Spadari • Bryn Wolf • Sofi Oksanen • Tom Bresemann • Stephan Delbos • Naomi Weizenbaum • Sandra Santana • Stephen Mooney • Michael Haefflinger • Paula Varjack • Carl Morris • Eisenmann • Valzyna Mort • Becky Crook • Anja Wiest • James Harris • Andrew McFall • Leonie Schulte • Juan Andrés García Román • Joel Vega • Kerri Mullen• Kenneth George • Marcus Speh • Phil Henderson • Neil McCarthy • Carlos Pardo



Alessandro Busà • Yvo Tan