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April 2013

SAND Journal Found in Translation Workshop
A Participant’s Recap

In spring 2013, with funding from the EU’s Youth in Action Programme, SAND hosted a weekend-long workshop for emerging literary translators under 30. We also held a translation contest whose winners, Allison M. Charette and Julia Sanches, were invited to the workshop and featured in Issue 7. Allison Charette documented her experience in the blog post excerpted below, and has since gone on to publish several distinguished books in translation, receive both the coveted NEA and PEN/Heim translation grants, and serve on the board of the American Literary Translators Association. Here is a snippet of her blog post:

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to attend the Found in Translation workshop run by SAND Journal, Berlin's English-language literary journal. Because of the support they received from Youth in Action, it was exclusively for translators under the age of 30. This meant that I was joined by a host of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed young translat0rs, raring to go. A little nervous about their blossoming or future careers, a little concerned that their work is very niche -- too niche, perhaps -- but brimming with wit and intelligence. We explored Berlin and ate marvelous food, of course, but the forums and workshops that the SAND team organized were the real highlight of the weekend.


Most important, though, is the network we created. Literary translators from many different languages, all on the cusp of their careers, all looking for jobs to do and magazines to submit to and new things to write and friends to commiserate with. Our support groups have just exploded exponentially. Such connections are even more important for people like us, who work very solitary jobs. It's reassuring to know that real people are out there on the other side of your Internet connection, who are all going through similar challenges and wonders.

Read the full post on Allison’s blog.