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Out of Place.

SAND #19 is united by a sense of dissonance and full of characters that might seem “out of place” – but it sets aside geography to find other connecting threads.

Inside, you’ll encounter:
more follicular photography by Vicky Charles,
a Tinder date with Big Brother,
a censored Mexican police report,
dislocated genetic fragments,
Swedish eco-feminism,
an installation with an orange peel,
an US hikikomori escaping into reality TV fantasies,
binational chronicles of having sex while Muslim,
child abandonment among spiders and humans,
an electric nosferatu,
and much more.



Kanika Agrawal • Hussain Ahmed • Carlo André • Kristina Bicher • Sara Anstis • Rosaire Appel • Joshua Bohnsack • Christian Brookland • Vicky Charles • Marc Cohen • Lindsay Costello • Henry Curchod • Trace Howard DePass • Bijan Elahi • Rowen Foster • Jeffrey Gibbs • Rebecca Gould • Helena Granström • Jordan A. Martin • Avantika Khanna • King Llanza • Marie Lunquist • Rachel McNicholl • Uma Menon • Andriana Minou • msw • Luke Muyskens • Candice Nembhard • Arianna Reiche • Marina Reza • Alyssa Ripley • Lisa López Smith • Kayvan Tahmasebian • Saskia Vogel • Florian Wacker 


"Hair Vigilante," Vicky Charles, 2018


Bárbara Fonseca