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Out of Place.

SAND #19 is united by a sense of dissonance and full of characters that might seem “out of place” – but it sets aside geography to find other connecting threads.

Inside, you’ll encounter:
a censored Mexican police report,
a Tinder date with Turkish wolf-people,
dislocated genetic fragments,
Swedish eco-feminism,
a bedroom hermit/reality TV star,
chronicles of sex and religion from Dhaka to New York,
and a professor who kidnaps himself to Greenland.

On the cover, Vicky Charles wraps her hair around her face, locking eyes with us through her self-imposed cage.



Kanika Agrawal • Hussain Ahmed • Carlo André • Kristina Bicher • Sara Anstis • Rosaire Appel • Joshua Bohnsack • Christian Brookland • Vicky Charles • Marc Cohen • Lindsay Costello • Henry Curchod • Trace Howard DePass • Bijan Elahi • Rowen Foster • Jeffrey Gibbs • Rebecca Gould • Helena Granström • Jordan A. Martin • Avantika Khanna • King Llanza • Marie Lunquist • Rachel McNicholl • Uma Menon • Andriana Minou • msw • Luke Muyskens • Candice Nembhard • Arianna Reiche • Marina Reza • Alyssa Ripley • Lisa López Smith • Kayvan Tahmasebian • Saskia Vogel • Florian Wacker 


"Hair Vigilante," Vicky Charles, 2018


Bárbara Fonseca