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The motto is dead – long live the motto. Slogans and hashtags swing elections on baseball caps and buses, propel social movements for and against prejudice, and recently took down dozens of Hollywood’s most formidable harassers and abusers. “Make the decision to change your life,” commands a subway advertisement in “Camila” by Vanessa Bates Ramirez. “You’ve just got to find the right mantra,” counsels Brina in Caroline Beimford’s “Under My Skin.” Do we though?


Ahmad Almallah • Lljubica Arsovska • Vanessa Bates Ramirez • Caroline Beimford • Jenna Cardinale • Kell Connor • Lidija Dimkovska • Novisi Dzitrie • Shelley Feller • John Greiner • Megan Leanne • Maija Mäkinen • Sarah Mangold • Adam J. Maynard • Nate McCarthy • Elizabeth Metzger • Jeremy Packert Burke • Scott Platt-Salcedo • Jon Ransom • Michael Lee • Peggy Reid • Mark Russell • Reina Skye Nelson • Melissa Spitz • Ajibola Tolase • Tse Hao Guang • Patrick Vala-Haynes


Melissa Spitz


Bárbara Fonseca